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Rubber Dams

Arcon’s Aquapro division specializes in water related products, including Rubber Dams, which operate in conjunction with hydroelectric power schemes.
Rubber Dam is an ideal solution for operating as a diversion weir and for controlling the upstream water level, typically required for conventional hydropower schemes. Unlike other Rubber Dams available on the market, Arcon dams are able to guarantee a constant upstream water level to a fixed set point with an accuracy of ±5cm, ideal for optimizing the output from the turbines, without the endless problems associated with the more traditional systems used, such as steel gates.

The dynamic control range of the Arcon dams during upstream water level control is not limited to between 100% and 80% inflation, after which all other Rubber Dams available on the market must be fully deflated until the water level has receded. This is not so with the Arcon Rubber Dam, which allows for full dynamic control between 100% and 0% inflation, and yet not putting the system at any risk. This is achieved by the unique design of the nappe breaking FlexFlector deflectors and the anti oscillation and anti vibration detection system in the operation software.